I sensed my “Aging diversity” feels kicking in

Driving by a University I taught at, my youngest Miss 7 casually says…
“There are a lot of teenagers (younger adults) going in there…”

I sensed my “Aging diversity” feels kicking in…

“Yes, a lot of them are young adults but older adults can go there too.”

Puzzled look on her face.
“But how do they remember their lessons?”.

I restrained myself from being too excited to talk about age-inclusive universities too much but I made sure she knew that …
“anyone who wants to learn can learn no matter their age, as long as we also support them to be successful.”


And this is exactly why I strongly believe that we need to educate our society from a very young age about the topic of Aging and growing older and provide them with positive examples of how we can thrive throughout our lifespan.

Ironically, I will be talking about supporting age-inclusive/diverse campuses next week – at that exact University!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. Make it the best for you!


*image of a building at my undergrad University – no connection with the above other than I’ve always thought it to be a pretty building*

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