82 year old author

This week I was humbled and honoured to be in the presence of a 70+ year old Siksika Nation Elder, an 82 year old author of more than 20 books, and an 87 year old geologist/musician.

We were all presenting at a symposium that was addressing age-inclusive communities/universities and societal perception of aging and older adults.

What I concluded from this event is something I have known for a while but it was confirmed even more.

– Growing old can be an isolating and a lonely journey.
– Our society under values older people, a lot.
– Older adults feel emotionally hurt and rejected when society dismisses them.
– Older adults want to be among younger people and children.
– Older adults have a fantastic sense of humour that is quite under-rated.

As the 80 year old author mentioned…
“I am still alive. I am still a person who wants to exist and who wants to live life.”

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