calling it a “greying tsunami”

First, I wish we would stop calling it a “greying tsunami” – why do we feel the need to associate a growing population with a catastrophic disaster, and pin a physical (grey as in grey hair) feature to it?

Second, I think it would be wise for the Government of Alberta to pay attention to the needs of a growing and important segment of our population – those 55+ who continue to work or want to find work.

Some important points from this article:

– Albertans aged 65 or older now make up nearly 14.8 per cent, of the 4+ million populations

– The segment of people aged 55 to 64 increased from 7.53 per cent of the total population in 1996 to 12.65 per cent in 2021.

-The proportion of Albertans under 15 years old shrunk by nearly four per cent in that time.

– There needs to be a focus on retaining workers over 50.

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